Sunday, 12 April 2015

Language 8: Satire Unit

Assalam alaikum,

After the March break, the students began a new unit of study; Satire. In this unit, we will explore how words and images have the ability to change us. We began by discussing the various figurative language elements that are used to convey satirical messages (such as juxtaposition, puns, parody,  irony, and exaggeration ). We also discussed the importance of using humor to convey a message, but not going "over the edge" to offend others .

An example of a lesson can be seen in the pictures below. Students  were search asked to research "World Food Day" . We discussed the importance of bringing awareness of world hunger and how we can use satire to get a strong message across. Students were given a group assignment where they had to create a comic about world food day where the aim is to use words and images to encourage us to critically think about the important message. They were given guidelines to ensure their message would not offend anyone or single out any group of people or nation. They were also asked to encorporate  the figurative elements of satire learnt thus far.

Geography 8

Assalam alaikum,

Over the past few weeks,  the students have been introduced to the Geography unit of study, "World Human Patterns". The focus will be examining and understanding how patterns in human geography affect people around the world.

We started the unit with a focus on recognizing community patterns and the different types of communities that exist. The pictures below show a lesson where students were asked to bring in various photos that represent each community. Then, they were randomly handed out to them and they were to decide under which community each photo belonged and providing a rationale for their choice by discussing characteristics of each community. Finally,  students were asked to come up to the boards and write the advantages and disadvantages of living in each community.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Unit 2 History Presentations

Assalam alaikum,

The students have been working on a PowerPoint,  or Prezi, presentation of the Development on Western Canada. This will be the final assignment and  end of our history unit. After March break, we will start geography,  Insha Allah.

All presentations will take place on Thursday and Friday March 11th and 12th.

Jazakullah khair

Upcoming language unit test

Assalam alaikum,

This upcoming week before the March break, we will be finishing up our novel study of "The Giver". On Thursday,  March 12th, the students will have a final reading assessment in the form of a test. Everyone should have finished reading the novel.

The test will be based on context clues and reading comprehension of chapters 13-23.

Jazakullah khair

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Field Trip to the Museum of History.

Assalam Alaikum,

A few weeks ago, the students and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Museum of History. It was a full day trip where we explored the museum and visited a special exhibition on the Confederation of 1867. This was an excellent wrap up to our unit as the students were able to extend their knowledge and understanding on ;the factors that caused the confederations, the important  events that lead to the confederation  and the  key individuals that were involved in the unification of the British North American Colonies. It was great to see the students get a chance to "experience" everything we have covered in history class since September.The exhibition  was very well set up to encourage self-exploration and student-led activities. To top it off, we ended with a viewing of the IMAX film "The Rockey Mountain Express", a film that examines how the railway played an integral part of the unification of Canada and the many trials experienced to make this vision possible. What more can I say, let the pictures speak for themselves!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Language Grade 8: The Giver, Novel Study

Assalam Alaikum Dear Parents,

After the winter break, the students have begun a new unit of study. We are reading the novel, "The Giver" which is utopian fictional novel. We began by discussing what a "utopian world" would be like in groups and presented to the class:

All strands of the curriculum will be covered and assessed, InshAllah:

Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Media Literacy.

Currently, students are working on a media literacy assignment where they have been given the task to create a poster, podcast, audio, or video of themselves. The assignments objective is to make connections with important topics in the novel and incorporating technology to do so. Assignment instructions, rubrics,  peer/personal assessment checklist have been provided. Insha Allah, we will be presenting them in class once they are completed. Also, an email link with a private YouTube invitation will be sent out so that you may view some of the videos.


Throughout this unit, students will be examining various reading, writing, and oral communication concepts as outlined in the curriculum expectations. We will be learning and practicing various reading and writing strategies ; making connections, predicting, examining figurative language, understanding important themes, plot summaries, character analysis and other key language subtopics. Through group discussions, literature circles, and peer work, students will have the opportunity to communicate their knowledge and understanding of such topics. All test/quizzes will be based on what we have learned in class through these discussions as well as any reading/writing comprehension tasks and, vocabulary and spelling assignments.

FINAL UNIT TASK: Students will be given a final project or essay at the end of the unit. The date and more information will be provided at the end of February, Insha Allah.

Please be sure to sign any assessments and return for my records.

Jazakullah khair.