Wednesday 18 February 2015

Field Trip to the Museum of History.

Assalam Alaikum,

A few weeks ago, the students and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Museum of History. It was a full day trip where we explored the museum and visited a special exhibition on the Confederation of 1867. This was an excellent wrap up to our unit as the students were able to extend their knowledge and understanding on ;the factors that caused the confederations, the important  events that lead to the confederation  and the  key individuals that were involved in the unification of the British North American Colonies. It was great to see the students get a chance to "experience" everything we have covered in history class since September.The exhibition  was very well set up to encourage self-exploration and student-led activities. To top it off, we ended with a viewing of the IMAX film "The Rockey Mountain Express", a film that examines how the railway played an integral part of the unification of Canada and the many trials experienced to make this vision possible. What more can I say, let the pictures speak for themselves!