Wednesday 30 January 2013

Filed Trip - Canadian War Museum

Field Trip to the 

Canadian War Museum 

Grade 7: New France and the Clash of Empires
The lives and roles of various individuals at the time of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham come to life with a hands-on investigation of primary and secondary historical sources. Using dramatic events, firsthand accounts and varied perspectives on the Seven Years’ War, your students will explore the conflict that defined daily life for the people of this period, and discover how it changed Canada - and the world - forever.

Grade 8: Conflict and Confederation in British North America, 1775–1867

Students will explore how the American Revolution and the War of 1812 shaped life in Canada 200 years ago, and how these events continue to have an impact on Canada today. Through hands-on exploration of artifacts and historical documents, students will piece together the lives of Loyalist and Iroquois settlers after the American Revolution, and Canadian soldiers and civilians during the War of 1812. Students will gain a better understanding of how these and other conflicts on our soil ultimately led to Confederation in 1867.
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