Thursday 7 February 2013

Feb 7th, Homework

Math: WB pages 77 and 78 due tomorrow

Social Studies: Ch6 questions 1 to 3

Quran: memorize aya16 to aya 21 surat al-mojadalah

Important Message from Tr.Amina
Science Project Evaluation
I hope that my email finds you in the best of your health. I would like to make some clarification regarding the Science Fair due date.  
February 8th: Final check : Students do not have to  bring their projects to school. They do their own check at home and finalize their presentation board according to the example shown in the guide. If they want me to have a look at their work, they can bring it tomorrow and I will check it but it is not mandatory.
February 12th: students must bring their project to school for evaluation.
February 20th: Abraar School Science Fair. Students selected after the evaluation will present in the gym on this day.