Saturday, 13 October 2012

Update from Tr. Amal (Arabic for Arabic Speakers)
In this week the students  had a test on the lesson (Healthy food); they will bring the test home to be signed by the parents. They will submit the project about the problem of the world.  They will have a presentation after the correction. 
Also we start new lesson titled (Atta bin Aby Rabah).
Next week, the class will finish the lesson (Atta bin Aby Rabah) Pg. 12 and we will answer comprehension and a dictation in the same lesson on Paragraph 3.  Students will have a reading test. We will also have an lesson on page # 8 and will answer the drill questions.

Updates from Tr. Kherta (Language)

Language Arts: Epilogue to the story Flowers for Algernon is due Monday
Social Studies: Chapter 1 Questions Package is due Thursday
Chapter 1 Quiz will be on Friday October 19th