Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What we will learn during the Month of October ?
Ch2: Proportional Relationships
Ch4: Patterns and Relationships
Ch5: Measurement of Circles


Unit A, Ch3: Healthy organisms depend on the interaction of           healthy cells, tissues and organs

Unit B, Ch4: Mechanical systems use forces to transfer energy
Unit B, Ch5: Mechanical systems involve machines that are designed to do work efficiently


During the month of October, we will continue with our short story unit. We have completed our study of our first short story, Flowers for Algernon, which the students enjoyed.
Next, we will look at a story entitled All Summer in a Day which similar to Flowers for Algernon explorers many important themes related to science and human nature. Students will also complete an author study on the author Ray Bradbury. In Grammar, students will be expected to learn relevant vocabulary words as well as corresponding work in their Communicating Skills books.

Social Studies

We will continue on in our first unit looking at the period of time before Canadian confederation. Students will complete chapter projects as well as chapter quizzes for each chapter covered in this unit. Our driving question for this unit is "What made the colonies decide to work together to form the Canada we know today?"