Thursday 20 June 2013

Gauss Math Contest Results

The Results for Gauss Math Contest
Abraar School 2012/2013

Grade 7 Contest

9th Place: Noor Al Huda Gr7

8th Place: Maheen Gr6

7th Place: Nadine Gr6

6th Place: Sophia & Urooj Gr7

5th Place: Maliha Gr7

4th Place: Hasan Gr7

3rd Place: Ahmed M Gr6

2nd Place: Tarannum Gr7

1st Place: Sindeed of Gr7 with score of 125 out of 150

Gr8 Contest

3rd Place: Mariam & Yusuf A. Gr8

2nd Place: Housam Gr8

1st Place: Abrar of Gr8 with score of 142 out of 150

Certificates of Participation and Achivement handed out today, the first place only received golden medal in addition to highest score certificate from University of Waterloo.