Monday 3 June 2013

Popsicles Tower Competition Results


Al Salam Alikoum,

Dear Gr8's and Gr7's Parents,

Al Hamdollah, Gr7 and Gr8 students did a great job today in presenting their towers and poster boards during the First Engineering Day at Abraar School.

The Competition Final Results are:

Gr 7 Competition:

First Place: Team Diamond ( Lylah, Maliha, Bisma)

Second Place: Team Extreme PO-TA-TO ( Sindeed, Abdul, Omar)

Third Place: Towering Torandos ( Hasan, Bilal, Fawaz)

Gr8 Competition:

First Place: Team The Confused ( Zakaria, Zubair, Abrar, Abdollah )

Second Place: Team Wonder Waffles ( Iman, Ilham, Lujane, Idil )

Third Place: Team Wild Kids ( Norhaan, Aisha, Adeena )

Congratulations for all Teams and I wish all successful future full of great achievements