Saturday 19 October 2013

Math and Arabic updates


In Math,Alhamdu llelah we finished the 1st math chapter: Number Relationships, and had test in the material covered.
During that time, students where learning about common factors and common multiples, estimating and finding square roots as well as writing numbers in scientific notation and powers.
In addition to that, they were practicing mental math including divinding and multiplying decimals.
In the coming few weeks InshaAlah we will be working on ratios and proportionals. The students will be practicing converting between fractions, ratios, decimals, and percentages in addition to solving real life word problems using ratio and proportion.

In Arabic, we have covered the following: colors, days of the week, new vocab, reading and writing skills. In the coming few weeks, the students will continue to practice reading with understanding as well as improving their writing skills. We will have a spelling test (imlaa) every two weeks and students will be forming sentences with pronouns on past tense verbs.