Tuesday 5 November 2013

Assalamu Alikum  Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

Dear Respected Parents,

Alhamdulilah We are about to finished memorizing surat AlMujdalah and the final memorization test will be on MondayNovember  11th, 2013, Insha’Allah.
Please encourage your child to memorize by listening to Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdar using the website below:

Masha’Allah Grade 8 are putting an amazing effort in memorization and Tajweed.  May Allah reward them. We had some shining Quran reciters for the month of October. Congratulations to the best reciters  and memorizers of the month of October:
1-      Sibghatullah
2-      Bilal Gill
3-      Mohammed Sindeed
4-      Matab
5-      Reema AlGahtaani
6-      Nour
7-      Mohammed Mohammed
8-      Hassan

Jazakum Allahu Khyran