Thursday 18 September 2014

Grade 8 Arabic :Non-Native Speakers

Assalam Alaikum,

My name is Hajar A.Boutaleb and I am the Arabic teacher for the Grade 8's (Non-Native Speakers).
Your child has brought home an Arabic text book (level 5) which will be our primary focus for all our lessons.
As of the beginning of this week, we started looking at  lesson 1: "ذكريات المدرسة " , "School Memories". . In this lesson, we will be working on the following:


  • listening to the teacher read the text to hear for the correct reading of Arabic letters, pronunciation and using "tashkeel" (reading the vowels on top of letters) correctly.
  • listening for the correct meaning/ translation of text from Arabic to English and English to Arabic.
  • learning to read the text using correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters.
  • learning to read the text using correct tashkeel.
  • learning to read at a good pace, stopping when necessary and using the correct tone
  • learning grammatical rules and sentence structure through reading activities 
  • learning to read for comprehension
  • learning to identify grammar rules and sentence structure during readings
  • learning to write the text correctly in a neat, and legible manner .
  • learning to write the text with all tashkeel correctly.
  • learning to write the text's vocabulary in Arabic and in English (translation from English to Arabic and Arabic to English)
  • learning to write answers in Arabic of text questions 
  • learning grammatical rules and sentence structure through writing activities
  • learning to communicate ideas in the text in both Arabic and English fluently.
  • learning to express ideas in the text and in lessons in the form of oral presentations to their peers and teacher
Assessment: Students will be assessed in all areas mentioned above in a variety of ways ( examples may include: writing dictations, oral presentations, in class projects and reading comprehension)

Note: Because the students are Non-Native Speakers, many may find the vocabulary, grammar and overall context a bit challenging. We will work through it at a steady pace to ensure all students are learning the material.

****HOMEWORK:  Because Arabic is only a 40 minute period each day, students MUST complete ALL assigned homework. This will help them review concepts in class and prepare for the next lesson.******