Monday 10 November 2014

UPDATE: Grade 8 Social Studies

Assalam Alaikum Respected Parents,

The students are finishing the first chapter of Unit 1. We have spent quite some time looking at the Political, Social and Economic factors that led to the Confederation of Canada. We have written essays and paragraphs comparing Canada then and now. We also have an upcoming field tip on the 27th of November to the History Museum where a special exhibition will be held on the Confederation. This will be an excellent opportunity for the students to extend their  learning of a very important part of our history.

NOTE: We are still looking for 1 more volunteer to make this trip possible! Please email me at ASAP if you can make it. Jazkullah khair.

CHAPTER 1 TEST: There will be a final summative assessment of this chapter on Monday, November, 17th. Students have been given the opportunity to prepare for this test with key question related to the chapter posted on the board every morning, along with a study package to work on at home.  Additionally, the  essay,  written assignments , the homework, in class work, discussions and related materials, charts and information provided this week and the in-class review will be all the need to study and prepare for the test, InshAllah,

All the best,

Hajar Amira Boutaleb