Monday 10 November 2014

UPDATE: Language Arts Grade 8

Assalam Alaikum Dear Parents,

The students have worked very hard to complete and outstanding Poetry Anthology for the first unit. We also had Dr. Saleem and Teacher Saima visit for an open-house where the students had the opportunity to share their creativity with their peers, and present their favorite written poem to the class. It was a wonderful activity and an excellent way to celebrate their accomplishments as a class. Well done!!!


We have now begun to look at Science Fiction and Short Stories. Students will be completing most work in-class, with the exception of any assigned readings. Each student has been given their own brand-new text book. They will be responsible for it so I hope they can take good care of a very important resources for this unit :). Also, we will start working through the Grammar 8 Communications workbook. Students will be assigned various pages for homework a few times a week.

POLAR EXPRESSIONS CONTEST: I have handed out the required forms that students need to enter in the contest. Also, students who were very eager provided me with their personal email where I sent out an email with additional information just in case they misplaced their forms. PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to submit their poems is NOVEMBER 14TH, 2014. I do encourage the students to send a PHOTOCOPY of their work. I will be handing back portfolios by the 12th of November, InshAllah.

Please remind your child to bring in a READING MATERIAL (novel is preferable) to class everyday. Anyone who is finished with the in class portion of their assignments is required to sit and read until the entire class is finished.

Jazakuallah khair :)