Thursday 15 November 2012

End of the Unit French Project

A-     Requirements:

1-      Choose your partner(s)

2-      Choose your celebrity: must be a Muslim. Must have done great achievements.

3-      Do the research work

4-      Complete BLM 11 and hand it in by Monday, November 19th. 


B-      Communication:

1-      Written:  For the writing composition,  you have the choice to present it as

·         Narrative text

·         Or a dialogue as in an interview

·         Or as a biography

·         Or as a newspaper article.

2-      Oral: For the oral communication, you have the choice to present it as

·         A role play

·         Or an interview

·         Or a poster presentation

·         Or a monologue.


C-      Evaluation:

1-      During research: 

o   Teamwork

o   Research

o   Creativity

2-      Writing communication:

o     Grammar

o     Spelling

o     Sentences (complete, simple, composed)

3-      Oral:

o   Pronunciation

o   Expression

o   Posture

o   Body language


The tentative due date is around last week of November or first week of December