Thursday 15 November 2012

Today Homework

Nov15th, 2012

Math: WB pages 46 and 47 due Monday Nov 19th, Ch4 Test is Monday Nov19th review WB pages 46 and 47.

Arabic for arabic speakers: "Tr.Amal" memorize first 6 lines of poem "النملة والمقطم" due Monday Nov19th.

Arabic Non-Speakers: "Tr.Hoda" memorize Vocab words for Test on Wednesday.

Arabic for Special Non-Speakers: "Tr.Mohamed" Vocab words test next week.

Quran: Memorize suart al-Hasher Aya 18 to 21 due Monday Nov19th.

Reminder: No School tomorrow Friday Nov16th.

I wish all students and parents Happy New Hijry Year, may allah accept our good deeds.