Tuesday 28 May 2013

Health Project for Gr7 and Gr8 Boys

Drug Awareness Brochure Project

Project Description:

You will be researching and reporting on ONE of the drugs listed below.  You should prepare and organize your information into a brochure format that you can submit to your teacher. Students will work individually. The brochure  must include the following items:

1.   Title: Drug name, Student names

2.   Report in recent article: find and read a recent article on your topic.  Create a numbered list of 5 facts from the article.  Below the list, write 5 to 7 sentence summary paragraph on the article. Make sure a proper citation is on the bottom of the page.

3.   List 2 facts about your drug and teenagers, 2 facts that could be used in public service announcement or commercial discouraging the use of your drug, 2 statistics that focus on teenage usage, 5 short term effects of the drug, 5 long term effects of the drug.

4.   How is the drug used? (how is the drug brought into the body), What are the legal consequences of using this drug? ( court, fines, jail time)

5.   How would you recognize (signs and symptoms, try to find 3) the use of this drug in a family member or friend?

6.   Pictures and graphics related to the topic.


This project will be worth 20 marks based on the attached rubric.


·         Cannabis
·         Stimulants
·         Narcotics
·         Hallucinogens
·         Steroids
·         Depressants
·         Inhalants
·         Legal prescription drugs
(Ritalin, Oxycontin, etc.)

Your project will need a bibliography, on a separate piece of paper.  Please include a title for your bibliography and list all your resources.

Due Date: Monday June 3rd , 2013