Thursday 4 April 2013

Islamic Studies Project

Battles of Prophet Muhammad (saw) Project

Project Description:

You will be researching and reporting on ONE of the topics listed below.  You should prepare and organize your information into a power point presentation format that you can submit to your teacher. Make your assignment visually appealing and interesting. The presentation must include the following information about the selected battle: date, geographical location, parties involved, reasons of occurrence and results of the battle.


This project will be worth 20 marks.  Your research and presentation will worth 16 marks based on the attached rubric and 4 marks for presentation when submitted. Each student will work individually in researching and preparing for the project.

  1. The battle of Badr (غزوة بدر الكبري)
  2. The battle of Uhud (غزوة احد)
  3. The battle of Trench (غزوة الخندق)
  4. The battle of Banu Quraythah (غزوة بني قريظة)
  5. The battle of Khybar (غزوة خيبر)
  6. The battle of Hunayn (غزوة حنين)
  7. The battle of At-Taa’if (غزوة الطائف)
  8. Another battle approved by Tr.Ahmed or Tr.Kherta.


Your presentation will need a bibliography Please include a title for your bibliography and list all your resources.


Due Date:

Submit your presentation via email on Tuesday April 16th, 2013   


Presentation Date: