Tuesday 9 April 2013

Popsicles Tower Project

Project Description:

Towers are impressive structures. What does it take to design a building so tall? Engineers use strong materials and innovative design to push the limits of gravity. In this project you will work in-teams to research, design, build and decorate a popsicle tower that is structurally sound. Students will design a tower as well as prepare a proposal that describes the function and purpose of their building. For example, is it a restaurant, a business complex,  or a mall? Why is this structure needed? The building structure should also be aesthetically appealing. Also, each team must prepare and present a poster board that reflects their proposal and prototype design. The teams will build their towers during the school day at times to be announced.

-          Tower must be flat on top and at the base

-          Tower must be a  straight (column) structure

-          Tower height must be between 40 cm to 60 cm.

-          Maximum base size must be between 10cm by 10cm to 15cm by 15cm.

-          Tower must support a minimum of 7 kg without yielding or failing.

-          100 popsicles sticks

-          1 bottle of glue

-          ruler

The project incorporates Science, Language Arts, and Visual Arts. Grading rubrics will be sent home on a later date.

Your poster board will need a bibliography Please include a title for your bibliography and list all your resources.

Due Date:
Friday May 24th, 2013

For More Information:

Contact Tr.Ahmed or Tr.Amina