Friday 19 April 2013

Today Homework, April 19th, 2013


- Worksheet title "What Should I be able to Do" pages 175 and 176 answer the even questions due Monday April 22nd

- Math Quiz covers fractions on Monday April 22nd, review fractions worksheets covered during this week and TB page 326 questions 6, 7, 8

TB page 289 questions 1 and 2 due Monday April 22nd

Boys Project Oral Presentation is Monday April 22nd

Islamic Studies:
"Battles of Prophet Muhammad (saw) Project"
Oral Presentation Schedule for Next Week

Monday April 22nd: Yousef S, Adeena, Adiba, Abrar

Wednesday April 24th: Ahamd, Housam

Quran: memorize Surat Yaseen Aya 1 to Aya 40 due Monday April 22nd

Grade 8 Graduation Field Trip:

 The graduation committee offers two options to choose from

1) La ronde amusement park - Montreal, QC.

2) Comp fortune aerial experience - Chelsea, QC.

Please, search both and make your decision for Monday April 22nd voting for which activity we will choose.